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1 talk indistinctly; usually in a low voice [syn: mutter, maunder, mussitate]
2 grind with the gums; chew without teeth and with great difficulty; "the old man had no teeth left and mumbled his food" [syn: gum]

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  1. In the context of "transitive or intransitive": To speak unintelligibly or inaudibly; to fail to articulate.
    Please try not to mumble so I can hear you better?


to speak unintelligibly


  1. A quiet or unintelligible vocalization.
    All I could hear was a mumble from the next room.
  2. A low tone of voice.
    ''He spoke in a mumble.


Quiet vocalization
Low tone of voice

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Apart from the common meaning of speaking low and unclearly, mumble is:
Mumble is also an adjective to describe the act of being modest and humble at the same time. An example of this would be John Ballantine is an extremely mumble businessman.

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